About MeeGo Touch 关于MeeGo Touch MeeGoTouch is a cross-platform application and UI framework library built on top of Qt. The framework library makes use of the verylatest Qt features to implement a specific UI style primarily targeting touchscreen devices. MeeGoTouch是个跨平台的应用程序并且是建立在Qt基础上的UI框架程序库。该框架程序库能够利用最新的Qt装置以执行原先以触摸屏装置为目标的特定UI类型。 UsingMeeGo Touch makes it easy to implement good looking, fully finger optimizedapplications that automatically take advantage of multitouch, device sensors,animations and transitions to create an iconic user experience on a range ofplatforms from handhelds to the desktop. 使用MeeGo Touch能够使安装好看的且充分发挥手指功能的应用程序变得容易。该应用程序能够自动充分利用多点触控技术,装置传感器,动画和镜头间的连接以创造一个从笔记本到台式机各个平台的形象的用户体验经验。 The MeeGo Touch style MeeGo Touch样式 The core of the MeeGo Touch style can be summarised as "directmanipulation of content". This places the focus of the applicationssquarely on the users' content, be that created by himself such as photos takenwith the device itself, or content that is coming from the network. In atypical MeeGo Touch application the content therefore occupies the majority ofthe view, with the rest of the UI elements being de-emphasized. Meego touch 类型的核心可以归纳为“内容的直接操控”。这就将该应用程序的核心直指用户的内容,也就是说有用户要自己创造内容,如用装置拍照或者源于网络的内容。因此,在典型的Meego touch应用程序中内容占据了绝大部分的范围,而余下的UI元素可忽略不计。 TheMeeGo Touch style discards many well known concepts from the desktop world suchas file selection dialogs, scrollbars, tabs and so on. Due to the focus ontouch, the user experience is highly tactile with panning, flicking, draggingand pinching being common operations on wide variety of content. Instead ofapplications consisting of multiple windows as on a desktop, a MeeGo Touchapplication is typically divided into views and transitions between these. Meegotouch 类型摒弃了台式机领域许多众所周知的概念,比如文件选择对话框,滚动条,选项卡等。因为关注触觉,所以用户的体验与镜头移动,轻击,拖动,压缩紧密相联,这些动作也是大多数内容的普遍操作手法。Meego touch应用程序一般分为视图和视图的相互转换,而非象台式机一样包含多WINDOWS操作系统。 Coreto the concept of the MeeGo Touch style is the application canvas, a 2Dpannable virtual area that extends beyond the physical borders of the screen.The use of a canvas as the foundation on which everything else is built breaksthe limitations associated with traditional static UIs, be they Qt based orcreated with some other framework. For instance, any object on the canvas canbe arbitrarily transformed, including rotated, scaled or perspective adjusted.Every object on the scene exposes a set of properties that can be animated,such as its current position, size, and opacity. Objects on the scene are alsofree to overlap and can be grouped into layers. All of this allows for thecreation of highly fluid user interfaces where objects smoothly transition inand out of view, or where certain objects can detach from the rest of UI andstay pinned on the screen while all other content is replaced. Meegotouch 类型的核心是应用程序画布和一个可穿透屏幕自然边界的2D可遥摄虚拟区域。将画布的应用作为构建Qt的基准或创造其他框架的基础,打破了与传统静态UIS相关的限制。例如,画布上的任何目标都可以随意改变,包括旋转,缩放,远近调节。镜头上的每个物体呈现出栩栩如生的特性,如当前位置,尺寸和阻光度。镜头上的物体还可自由重叠及按图层分组。以上提到的几点考虑到了创造一个非常流畅的用户分界面。在该分界面物体可自由过渡和移出,或者有些物体可从余下的UI中分离或当其他内容被替代时保持不动。 MeeGoTouch presents a programming interface that will will seem familiar todevelopers with other UI frameworks such as Qt, most of the time it istherefore not necessary to understand the workings of the underlying canvasitself. However, if the developer sochooses he has the possibility of going beyond the ready made componentsprovided in the MeeGo Touch style and taking direct advantage of the canvas inhis application. In such cases MeeGo Touch alsooffers a set of lower level enablers to make his application themable andstylable for the scene. Meegotouch展示了一个对于其他UI框架开发者(如Qt)如来说也熟悉的程序分界面,所以大多数时间无须去理解基础画布的运转。不管怎样,如果开发者如此选取,它就有超越Meego touch 所提供的现成组件的可能并且直接利用了其应用程序中的画布功能。这种情况下,MeeGo Touch也提供了一套初级版本以确保该应用程序该适用于场景。 Relationshipwith Qt 与Qt的关系 Qt by itself is already a mature cross-platformframework, providing a full set of traditional widgets that have been used in anumber of successfull applications. In addition to this, Qt provides much ofthe necessary functionality for writing cross-platform applications in general,such as I/O, SQL & XML programming, threading, internationalization and soon. Qt本身就是一套成熟的跨平台框架,它提供了一整套已经在许多成熟应用程序中应用的传统专用截面工具集。除此之外,Qt提供了许多对于编写多平台应用程序必备的功能,如:I/O, SQL & XML程序,线程处理和国际化等。 Inaddition to this, Qt has recently come out with a number of new subsystems: 除此之外,Qt近来又提出可许多新的子系统: ·The Graphics View Framework图视框架 ·The AnimationFramework 动画框架 ·The StateMachine Framework 状态机框架 ·Low-level 3D enablers 低位3D引擎 Thesenew technologies serve as the basic enablers for next-generation userinterfaces. However, as of Qt 4.6 these elements by themselves are still fairlylow level and lacking the ties to any ready made UI components, including theexisting Qt ones. MeeGo Touch takes these cutting edge components andimplements a particular UI style optimized for touch devices and then, combinedwith a number of additional enablers that makes creating scene basedapplications easier, packages it together as a coherent UI framework library. 这些新技术为下一代用户界面充当着基础引擎的角色。然而,作为Qt 4.6这些元素本身仍是很低位并且与其它现有的UI组件(包括现有的Qt)缺乏关联。MeeGo Touch将最先进的组件和器具作为优化触摸装置的特定UI类型,并且与许多额外的引擎相联以使利用应用程序创造场景更容易,而后将他们打包在一起形成一个相连的UI框架库。 MeeGo Touch, like Qt, is also a cross-platform framework, capable ofrunning wherever Qt does. From the point of view of a developer that wants tocreate a touch optimized application in the MeeGo Touch style, both Qt andMeeGo Touch are typically directly used; Qt for the application logic and MeeGoTouch for the scene based UI style。 MeeGoTouch,如Qt,也是一个多平台的框架,能够在Qt的任何位置运行。站在开发者的角度,他要创造一个能够充分利用MeegoTouch的应用软件的触摸屏。Qt和MeeGo Touch都是典型的直接应用。Qt用于应用程序逻辑,MeeGo Touch用于以场景为基础的UI类型。 Qtand MeeGo Touch, two complementary frameworks Qtand MeeGo Touch,两个互补的框架 TheMeeGo Touch offering includes a set of ready made widgets implementing theMeeGo Touch style that specifically targets the Graphics View Framework, a setof pre-defined transitions and animations that can be themed and styled, and aset of features that makes writing scene based applications easier in general,such as automatic management of in-scene dialogs and windows, implicitlyanimated scene layouts and device orientation tracking. In addition to thisMeeGo Touch exposes APIs necessary on mobile devices, such as power and memorymanagement, that are not yet covered by either Qt or the Qt Mobility projects. MeeGoTouch提供了包括一整套现成的部件(该部件以图示框架为特定目标)植入MeeGoTouch,一套事先定义的能够主题化和风格化的切换和动画,一套能够使以书写场景为基础的应用程序在整体上更容易的特性,如现场对话框和窗口的自动管理,暗示动画场景布局以及设备追踪。除了这些,MeeGo Touch还展示了APIs对于移动设备的必要性,如:电源和内存管理,这些目前还没涵盖在Qt和Qt移动项目中 In the future, some of the functionality nowprovided through MeeGo Touch will migrate to Qt. In that sense, MeeGo Touch canbe seen as the bleeding edge of Qt development, pushing the boundaries of nextgeneration UI creation. 将来,一些现在通过MeeGo Touch提供的功能将移植到Qt.那样,MeeGo Touch可以看做Qt.发展的轮廓,从而推动下一代的UI的发展。 原文地址:http://www.meegoq.com/thread-144-1-1.html